We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new partnership scheme.

By being a partner with NSTG Engineering you will get access to the expertise that you need to ensure the timely and accurate capture of your electrical system design. You will also receive a 15% discount on the hourly rate by signing up.

you can also choose between and 12 or 24 month term to ensure you get access to our design services for the long term as well as securing the 15% discount for the entire term.

How will the partnership work?

Once you have registered your interest to become a partner with NSTG Engineering, we will be in touch to go through your requirements, go over any design pain points you have had in the past, discuss goals for the partnership and go through any future projects that you require assistance with.

There is no obligation for you to subcontract work to NSTG Engineering during the agreed term, but when you require assistance we can go through your requirements and NSTG Engineering will provide a fixed price quotation for the work with the discounted hourly rate.

Which services are included?

You will have full access to all of our design services. This ensures we can provide you with a full system design from a top-level interconnection design down to individual and highly detailed cable harness drawings for each harness and routing of cabling in CAD models as needed.

There is no requirement for a project to utilise all of the design services, you can pick and choose what you need when you need it.

Ready to find out more?

Check out our partnership page for further details, if you’re ready to sign up there is a form on the partnership page to register your interest.

We look forward to working with you on your future projects.