Time To Bring The Drawings To Life

So you have the drawings, time to get the cable harnesses manufactured.

We have extensive experience in working with cable manufacturers, so if you do not have the time or resource to manage the manufacture, then look no further.

During the design process, we will be working with either one of your preferred manufacturers or one of NSTG Engineerings approved suppliers. This ensures there is a consistent and clear dialogue from the get-go and also helps the manufacturer to understand what the project is trying to achieve.

To get the process underway, we will submit the drawings and quantities to the manufacturer for a fixed price quote. As the manufacturer has already had sight of the drawings in the design phase the quotes will have a quicker turnaround.

Once the quote is received and you’re happy, we will give the go-ahead and get your cables into production.

There are times when issues arise during the manufacturing process, unfortunately, this happens from time to time. As part of the service, we will answer all technical queries and assist the manufacturer in getting the cable harness back on the right track. If changes are required to the drawings, then all changes will be captured in NSTG Engineering change management database, all changes logged will be shared with you and we will work together to provide a solution to the manufacturer.

When the manufacturing process is complete and all the harnesses have been through their final QA check, they will then be shipped directly to your office or customer site.

Need your cables manufacturing?

Tekdata Interconnect Systems are a UK based company, and have been supplying bespoke cable harnesses to multiple industry sectors for more than 45 years. The engineering expertise at Tekdata are second to none, they not only provide top quality cable harnesses but also provide expert feedback on all submitted designs, this ensures there are no surprises when the cable harness is sent for manufacture and also highlights any long lead items that may have short lead alternatives.

Having worked with Tekdata on a number of projects in the past and seen first hand the quality, workmanship and effort they put into every item they produce, there was no doubts in selecting Tekdata as an approved supplier.

Website: fibersystems.com

Need your fibre cables manufacturing?

Amphenol FSI has been specialising in the design and manufacture of fibre harness components in multiple industry sectors for almost 30 years, and have a vast amount of experience in the manufacture of fibre harnesses, making them the ideal manufacturing partner for your fibre harnesses.

By going direct a fibre component manufacturer, there are no hidden costs for termination tooling and the quality of the cable harness construction will meet the highest quality standards, which is key for fibre harnesses as any imperfection can have a massive impact on your system performance.

Do you have CAD models of your system or require detailed images of your cable harnesses? We can produce photorealistic images of your harnesses to take your models or presentations to the next level.