As of today I am extremely proud to announce that NSTG Engineering is now part of the NeO (New Engineering Order) consortium.

NeO is made up of engineering businesses based in the UK headed by Infinity 6 and Malvern Optical.

The aim of NeO is to provide a turn-key solution for platform integration projects based in the UK and abroad. NeO gives customers a full installation design and certification service, that includes installation design for mechanical and electrical subsystems, fabrication of mechanical assemblies, production of cable harnesses through a pre-existing supply chain and EMC/TEMPEST testing.

As part of NeO NSTG Engineering will provide a bespoke electrical design service for all new projects, as well as manage the manufacture of cables through the approved supplier Tekdata interconnections to the platform installers (Infinity 6).

As well as producing 2D harness drawings for the manufacturing team, NSTG Engineering will take the lead in defining system and platform connectivity and also ensuing the linking of cable design data into 3D CAD systems to ensure the routing of cables meet EMC and TEMPEST requirements, as well as provide detailed design data packs that can be used by the installation team and end customer.

It’s a really exciting opportunity and one I cannot wait to start.

If you would like more information on the NEO consortium, download the brochure below.