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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We can do both. We have HarnWare licenses so can design cables remotely. If you prefer me to be onsite for the entire project or just a few days then we’re happy to travel.

    We are proficient in the use of HarnWare and Zuken E3, if your project is in Zuken We will require access to one of your licenses to complete the project.

    The more information the better, but we can work with minimal information. We would require access to interface specifications and know what connectors are to be used. There is no need to provide the information in a particular format, We have worked from photocopies of log books in the past.

    Absolutely! Our main aim is to take away the stress of getting your cables manufactures. NSTG Engineering does have a preferred cable manufacturer, they are highly skilled and always deliver exceptional quality products.
    If your company already has an approved supplier, We would be more than happy to work with them to deliver your project.

    From the get go we will identify a cable harness manufacturer, as soon as the drafts are ready the drawings will be released to the manufacturer for review. They will look at the parts that will be used to construct the cable harness and will also look at the lead times for all parts. Having this information as an output from a review gives me chance to incorporate new parts and will reduce the amount of change requests generated during the manufacture process.

    100%. NSTG Engineering holds cyber essentials certification. All data is stored on a remote server with server side encryption. None of my customers will have access to this area, so there is no risk of your drawings been seen by a third party.

    All drawings will be released in PDF format, this ensures there is a single point of truth.

    We try to remain as competitive and flexible as possible. Generally we change an hourly rate. If your project requires a fixed rate contract then we will be happy to discuss your terms and agree a fixed scope of work.