Providing The Training Solution You Need

HarnWare is a complex and yet easy to use design tool, but you can soon become inefficient if you are not a regular user. With inefficiencies, you and your team can start to make design errors and take far longer to deliver drawings for manufacture.

NSTG Engineering has the expertise in house to get teams or individuals back up to speed and learning new more advanced techniques that are not included within the official training package from TE.

All training is provided by John Cronin. John was the HarnWare instructor at TE for a number of years providing training for new users, he has also been a user of HarnWare for 15 years, so he has the expertise and knowledge to answer any question that may arise during training.

Training Courses

Refresher Training

The refresher training is a 1-day package, that is designed to get an existing user that has not used HarnWare for a number of months or years back up to speed and designing cable harnesses efficiently. This training will go over everything from the basics to ensure there is a solid foundation before moving onto more complex topics.

Training Agenda

Creating Single-Leg Harness

Creating Multi-Leg Harness

Cable Cross-Section Creation

Adding and Removing Wire Lines

Importing and Exporting Excel Files

Generating Reports Including MTBF

Advanced Training

The advanced training is a 2-day package that is designed to go through a number of advanced topics that are only touched upon during the official training. This training will allow users to be more productive and use more advanced techniques that will assist in designing bespoke cable harnesses for internal projects or clients.

Training Agenda

Creating Company Drawing Templates

Adding Bespoke Parts Into HarnWare

Creating Cable Sub Assemblies

Integrating Company Parts Register Into The BOM

Defining Machine Built Cable

Creating Scale Drawings And Pin Boards In HarnVis

Using HarnWare And HarnVis to Lookup And Define Parts

Dedicated Time To Go Through Specific Company/Project Issues

Training Delivery

The training can be conducted both on-site* and online. Each user that is attending the training shall also have access to a working installation of HarnWare and MS Visio, for online training all attendees will also require internet access and access to MS Teams.

On-site training is the preferred delivery method, this method allows for our trainer to have more hands-on training with the attendees and allows for the quick diagnosis of any issues that may occur during the training.

All training is delivered on a per-company basis this allows the attendees to freely discuss any specific issues they encounter in their day-to-day use of HarnWare without giving away information to potential competitors.

*Due to COVID restrictions training on-site outside of the UK will only take place if travel is not restricted. Where restrictions exist online training will be provided.

Post Training Support

We understand that attendees will have additional questions after the training, to ensure that the attendees get the right support we also offer an optional support package, this support package will give the attendees a set amount of support hours to use after the training is complete. There is no time limit on how long this support time will last, so if an attendee has a question two years later then we’re here to help.

How To Book

Please fill out the contact form below to start the booking process, we aim to respond to all requests within one business working day.





    The training provided by NSTG Engineering is not for new HarnWare users that require a HarnWare license, if you require a HarnWare license please contact to book new user training.