The first phase of the System Node Access panel (SNAP) design is now complete!!

Phase One Objectives

The objective in phase one was to develop the concept for a fully modular GVA patch panel and to produce a hardware design to meet the concept. A key objective was to demonstrate a building block approach to constructing a GVA patch panel, ensuring maximum flexibility when installing the modules into a platform

The design also had to fully comply with the GVA standard DEF STAN 23-09, the design also had to be adaptable to ensure it could also comply with the NATO GVA standard STANAG 4754.

The key outputs from this phase was to produce the mechanical design for the following:

  • Single port Ethernet Module
  • Dual port Ethernet Module
  • Power Module
  • Mounting brackets
  • Concept platform installation, showing the modules mounted with the brackets and platform adaptor kit.

Phase 1 Outputs

Module Design

Each module has a common enclosure that ensures a SNAP patch panel can be constructed in a building block style, with the ability to remove and replace modules with no impact on the installation design.

Due to the small form factor of the design this ensures the weight impact is minimal, with the average mass of the first three modules being approximately 140g.

SNAP also provides a number of brackets that allows to the patch panel to be constructed as an assembly before fitting to the installation kit.

The common fixing pattern on the enclosure allows for the quick calculation of fixing points on installation kits. If there are changes to the platform design that requires more or less modules in a particular patch panel, having the common fixing points will reduce the time taken to update the design.

Below are the renderings of the first three modules and the installation onto a platform adaptor kit.

Looking Ahead To Phase 2

Phase 2 of the design will build upon the concept produced in phase 1 and has the following objectives:

  • Produce the module design for:
    • Single channel fibre
    • Dual channel fibre
    • USB
  • Expand on the lid and connector mechanical interface, to ensure the grounding of all parts, environmental protection and screening;
  • Evaluate options to ensure high data rate throughput on copper Ethernet modules.

The current plan will see the completion of the second design phase by the end of June 2020.

Require More Information?

A full overview of SNAP is available on the SNAP product page, this also includes the product roadmap.

Or alternatively you can contact me via the email in the website footer or via the contact page.