NSTG Engineering is pleased to announce our new approved supplier for fibre optic harnesses, Amphenol FSI.

Amphenol FSI has almost 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of fibre optic cable harnesses components for multiple industry sectors and for some of the most demanding and harsh environments.

Designing and manufacturing fibre harnesses for harsh environments is a tricky business and needs to be executed “right first time”. By leveraging the experience of Amphenol FSI, we can guarantee that your fibre harnesses will be manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring the performance of your systems.

By working with Amphenol FSI, NSTG Engineering also has the capability to design fibre harnesses utilising Amphenol FSI components, and will have support from Amphenol FSI to ensure that all fibre harnesses are designed correctly and have the optimal product selection for your industry and installation environment.

It’s a real privilege for a small business like NSTG Engineering to have access to the expertise and services of Amphenol FSI. We’re really looking forward to working closely with Amphenol FSI in providing an excellent design and manufacturing service for fibre optic harnesses.